Saturday spent reading and the out doors

This Saturday was all about relaxing. Going out to the push and finishing a good book. So below is a review of the book before we disappear by Shaun David Hutchinson.

Saturday I went out to my second home. It’s where I grew up camping. So it’s always like coming home even if I go out for the day. I had been dreaming about the place all week and craving some bush love. So it was a given that I go out for a nice swim and lunch.

I also managed to finish Before We Disappear.

It had been a while since I’ve picked up a Shaun David Hutchinson book. I went on a binge of his about two years ago. This one was very different to his usual (Minus the traumatic characters arc).

This story is pitched as if it’s about Jack a magician assistant. But at the heart of this story it’s about Wilhelm. Wil is taken captive at age 4 by Teddy, A criminal who makes Wil commit robberies. See Wilhelm had actually powers he can travel. Every night Wil is chained to his bed so he can’t escape. And Teddy has put so much fear on Wilhelm that he is terrified to leave. Teddy had killed people horrifically to get at Will before.

So this story for me at least was all about if Wilhelm would have the courage to leave? Would Jack Be able to free this boy he found?

I could careless about the whole magician competition. I actually didn’t really care for Jack much either. I was so attached to Wil and his wellbeing It kept me reading.


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