January book wrap up

January has been an interesting reading month. I’ve successfully finished 9 books and DNF a heap…so many disappointing books.

I haven’t read any five star’s so far. But plenty of four stars. So here is a list below. If you haven’t read any of these I do recommend.


This book can be read as a standalone but honestly it’s better if you read her magic in Manhattan series. As this is a side story. It follows Sebastian who was under blood magic in the Manhattan series and was made to do bad things. He’s still dealing with the affects, and truly believes he’s a horrible person it’s heartbreaking. But he’ll do anything to protect Lord Fine. Lord fine some how made it through the series before this book with out finding out about magic. Well that changes in this. Sebastian saves Wesley’s life and they both Take of to hide from the people out to get them. They both have trauma. And help each other heal. While taking down the big bad.


The last book from the series The Four Horsemen. It was an epic ending wrapping everything up nicely. The relationship between Lazarus and Death was perfect (like always) Laura has a way of making two characters bounce off and complement each other very nicely. This is a paranormal romance where Lazarus starts off wanting to kill Death and then falling for him. Perfect for fans of enemies to lovers. Laz can’t die which makes her the perfect partner for Death himself. I thought this would be a 5 star read before I finally got to it. The only reason it wasn’t was purely because I just didn’t love everything about this story. I didn’t feel so much and ended up with a book hangover. If anything I was a tad disappointed.


At first this book was boring, I pushed through because it followed a formula that I usually love. And I am so happy I did. I adored Edwin. He was my boy in this. Edwin is that characters that should be protected. Robin handled only recently finding out about magic and then being cursed like a pro. By the end of the book I was so on board with everything. And it’s a slow burning romance which are always the best but also the worst! Nothing like yelling at two characters to just kiss already. The magic system is ok it could be better. If anything so could the entire plot. But, Edwin and Robin really make up for the books short comings. This was another book I predict 5 stars. Only for it to not reach it. And it’s only because the start wasn’t great.


This series has been a surprise. I don’t even know how I stumbled on it. They are massive books with heaps going on. Like this one had multiple storylines that would end and another would begin. You get even more then you asked. And it does work. I’ve enjoyed watching how Nik and Ben have grown as people and their love. Ben goes to Denmark and learns Nik’s language while Nik is away. But it wouldn’t be them without one of them getting kidnapped and nearly killed. Can’t wait to see what book three has in store.

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