Some writing tips you see everywhere and how they work or don’t work for me.

When I decided to actually go through with writing my novel. I have been completely spammed with writing advice. And I’m going to be honest here.

I HATE BEING TOLD WHAT TO DO. I literally hate it. It’s an authority problem I’m sure. However, I have taken in the top ten (The ones I see pushed down our throats the most) and I’m going to be honest with my thoughts on each.

1. Write in the morning.

I am a morning or late night writer. My best work and most motivated times to write are when I first get up or 9-9:30 at night. NaNoWrimo showed me this. But, I work 6:30am to like 12-1 pm five days a week. Mornings are just impossible to do.

2. Set writing goals

Most people would thrive in this. I hate setting goals. I don’t like disappointing myself when it fails. So I personally don’t set the goals at all. I tried it a couple times. It just doesn’t stick.

3. Write daily

It’s a lovely idea. And I wish I could. But I have mental health issues and a bad nerve behind my ear which makes some days unbearable. So it’s not possible for me to write. And I know this is 100% true from attempting nano.

4. Always carry a notebook & pen

Do this! It really works. You can be taking a hike or chatting with friends and then bam! An idea will hit. Probably an idea that will finally make that scene you have been working on for days/weeks.

5. Outline

I’m a plantser. I know where my story will go but I have no plans. I am currently trying the outlining and planning for my new story. But I don’t know if I can make myself commit to this way of life.

6. Write what you know

Writing is About research and learning. So this “rule” is outdated and old. That’s all I’m going to say.

7. Read

I’ve come across some people who don’t read but still write. I don’t understand how they can. But each to their own. Reading helps grow your vocabulary, and show you some different writing styles. It can help you grow your own writing style as well and inspire your stories.

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