Day 3- 12 favourite book I’ve read this year

I have, officially, as of today read 109 books. I have two more to get through, but I highly doubt they’ll knock off one of these. This is a new record for me. Four years ago I could only ever reach an end goal of 60. Then last year I some how pulled out a 90. I hope I can keep this high book count next year. Killing my TBR in the process. Netgalley had really helped me push myself that’s for sure.

Anyway here is my favourite books I read this year.


This is the 5th book in a series. It’s also the best book in the series. And if recommend reading mismatched mates like this. The first two. The Christmas special then this one. Because it all links up. This was a tragic book. Both characters where lab rats. They escape the terrible place and had to find themselves again. Having each other definitely helped them. Their love was strong and beautiful. The best part is you are taught that Jared is a horrible wolf (it’s a shifter series) in the first books. But the boy went through so much shit that it was hard not to root for him Calder is the best character in this two. And he’ll basically do anything to keep his mate Jared alive and well. This isn’t an insta love story either. It’s more of a means to and end. That then leads to love.


This was on of my most anticipated releases this year. I was a massive fan of the captive prince series. And I had been waiting on more news about this story for a couple of years. And Pacat didn’t disappoint. It’s a great take on what could have been just another chosen one fantasy. The characters where morally grey which I love. Let’s just say I’m dying to get my hands on the next one.


I did wonder if the sequel could live up to the first one. The series I didn’t care to read. Has now become my favourite of the shadowhunter world. Her writing is better. The characters are more layered. I don’t hate any of the main cast like some of her others. I’m invested in the love stories and side stories. Just keep this up in book three dear god.


Out of the two books TJ was coming out with. I honestly didn’t think I’d care for this one. But boy was I wrong. It was a story about growth. You had Wallace. A guy that at the start needed a punch to the face. God I hated him. And that’s what you were meant to feel. But he learnt. He grew and became a better person. This was a sad book. It definitely hit the grief points. And I do think it was a great concept. Who would if thought of writing a book about reapers this way?


Nothing like walking into a book store and seeing a cover and just knowing you had to have it. It was one of my favourite reads in the first half of the year. I was telling anybody and everybody to read it. It’s a great coming of age story. With two boys jungling their culture and the world around them. While falling for each other. This could also be considered a Christmas book as it’s around Christmas time 😉


Badass female lead ☑️ Broody love interest ☑️ enemies to lovers ☑️ beautiful world building ☑️ a paranormal romance to die for. Honestly this was so damn good. It had everything you could want and then some. Veta wasn’t your typical pretty girl. She was a hunter. She had a scarred up face. And she just wouldn’t be broken. And it’s so hard to find great female leads.


Sometimes you gotta give a book a chance. It might not be the genre you like. Or the typical story you read. Because every now and then you might just find a gem. I kept seeing people on my good reads and authors I like recommended it. So I thought fuck it. The love story feels real. It was slow paced to. The murderer story line in book one was pretty tamed. A good way to dip your toe and fall in love with Noah and Cole because book two the killer bear on slaps you in the face and makes you feel uncomfortable. Noah is an FBI agent while Cole is a FBI profiler. On a trip they collide and Noah let’s his hair down 😉. You watch Noah grow more comfortable with the world knowing who he really is. And in book two you watch Cole deal with his trauma.


Lee is my all time favourite horror writer. But so far I hate the haunted series. There I said it. But this! This book was awesome. It had a the right amount of scares and I liked all the characters. It was based around a Halloween massacre and was a back story to the current story of haunted. It can be read as a standalone and as far as I am concerned it will be reread as a standalone.


I feel like every now and then a book comes around that I feel everyone should read. This book shines a light in the world of animal activists. The work they do. How animals should be treated. What zoos who aren’t doing the right thing look like. And it’s done in a cool YA way. It’s not hard to read and will open some minds. It even teachers you the signs to look for and what you could do to help.


This was a new read. That jumped straight up here. It’s the winter solstice. The fae invite you to there annual masquerade. The catch? If you take of your mask the host won’t let you leave. This is a dark fantasy but pretty much all of Ariana Nash’s books are. Brice is you moody protagonist. He will do anything to keep his brother safe. Even finally accepting a invite to the masquerade he’s avoided going to for years because his brother decided to go. Of course his brother and him get into a fight and Charon loses his mask. When the masquerade leaves in the morning they take him with them. So next year Brice must do it all over again to save his brother. Of course Brice’s love interest is a trickster fae named Raoul. And of course I adored Raoul straight away. This book Haas some beautiful quotes like “Whoever hurt you? Whoever made you believe you’re not worthy? They’re what’s wrong. Not you” it also had heaps about consent. The twist and turns just made it harder to put down.


“I’m not reading this book. I don’t care at all about Akiem” oh how wrong was I. This was a great character story Arc. It was definitely a necessary book to have. It saved his character and showed you how two siblings could see things differently. How different they handled their trauma. And the love story. The elf Zane was his perfect match.


The only non fiction in this list. And normally they’d be lower on the list or not at all. But this is my favourite wrestler. And this is the best wrestling autobiography you’ll ever read. The book literally sells its self.

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