A small trip away

On Friday the 12 I drove three hours give or take to go visit one of my oldest friend. She is currently residing in Kojonup which I’ve never been to before.

It’s a small country town that I’ve been through many times but never stopped. It’s a lovely small town. The people are lovely. And they have a giant wool wagon which is pretty cool to check out.

We took a trip to Albany. Which I love to go, for the fair and a trip to Misery beach.

The Albany fair is pretty big. And for only $10 entry. You get heaps of rides/ some show bags/plenty of animals/ stalls and heaps more. It’s basically like out royal show but smaller. So worth a trip to.

Misery beach is one of the most beautiful beach stops I have been to. The water is bright and the sand is white. The path to the shore is just as beautiful to. And it’s quiet. Unfortunately the beach is named misery beach because of the dark history of the old whaling station. When it was running some of the guts and blood of the carcasses would wash up on the beach. There some sad history for you.

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I Love TEA! books and witchy things and nature. so the plan here is to spread my love for Books and Witchcraft

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