Top 10 book tropes

Today is brought to you by my current favourite book tropes.

As you know there are some bad tropes out that you can’t stand for me one of the most annoying is the chosen one. Even though apparently alot of the books I read have this. Like TMI. But still I do get annoyed with it. So here are my top ten tropes that I personally love to see in a book.


Friend’s to lovers

This is up the top because it’s not always something I like. It doesn’t always work. But in a few cases it’s been perfect. Like Ronan and Adam or court and Mykal from the raging ones.


Redemption Arc

You know those characters that have done so much bad shit. But in the end they grow and show a kinder side. I love those slow story Arcs. You get more out of these then just having a good person from the start to the end.


Morally grey characters

I’m sure this one mixs with some of the others. But I prefer these types of characters. The ones that are not good but not evil. They toe the line.


Revenge plot

You best believe seeing someone stand up for themselves and take out the killer is like music to my ears.


Found family

I live by the idea you can choose your family. There are some people who you share blood with that will never be family like some of your friends. Just like the six of crows by Leigh Bardugo


Slow burn

I hate this. Just like kiss damn you!! Of course I do actually love it. It comes off more real. No one falls in love with someone right away. That shit just doesn’t exist. Give me a slow burn like Kemp and dom from shadows of London series by Arianna Nash.


Forbidden love

Funny enough I didn’t like Romeo and Juliet. But I do love a good you can’t be with that person story. It’s got enemies to lovers vibes for sure.


That “bad” boy with a traumatic past

Looking back at some of these I think I have like some toxic flex. Because like there is no reason to be a dick to people. But my god. I love seeing this bad type guy and knowing out of all the characters he will probably have some dark past and a great story arc. Like Andrew from all for the game.


Those strong Sarcastic characters

I was going to say Protagonists but at this stage I’ll literally love any character in a book that fits this. I’m a very sarcastic person so I just connected with these types of characters the most. Like every Herondale in the Shadowhunters series by Cassandra Clare.


Enemies to lovers

I am a complete sucker for this trope. To the point of the book is advertised as this I will jump for it. Some of my favourites are Neil and Andrew from all for the game by Nora Sakavic. Or all the horsemen and their girlfriends in the four horsemen series by Laura Thalassa. The list could go on. But I’ll stop now. I feel that I’ll probably die for trope then ever give it up.

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