Top Ten Horror/Mystery/Thriller books

I’m a massive horror movie buff. But when it comes to books in these genres I find most of them boring as hell. I don’t know if it’s just me but, it’s hard to find a good horror book. Still here is a list even I was surprised filled all ten spots.


The first one up is this fun read. I picked this up at the shop because of the cover. Grady is a great author and has some really good books. And this one is set in the 80s satanic panic. It’s a great book to pick up.


The weirdest story on this list. The cover just kept calling to me untill I brought it. And the story inside was just so odd I couldn’t look away. I don’t want to even talk about it to much. Going in completely blind is the best way to read this.


There are pages in the killer’s POV. And it is creepy. You watch this group hiking through woods and end up being hunted down by a cannibal family. And seeing it through one of the families eyes makes it even more creepier. There is also a gory scene with one of the victims being eaten that made me feel ill. And that’s why it’s up here. It made me feel sick! Most of these books bore me to tears. If there is one thing I have learnt that’s Lee is my favourite horror Author.


I really enjoyed this book over all the Hannibal books. It was a massive surprise for me. I do think having watched the Hannibal show before hand definitely helped me enjoy this book even more.


A steamy shifter murder mystery. That shouldn’t be as good as it is. It’s about a homeless guy and his ‘friends’ being attacked by some monster. (It’s obvious who the monster is but so worth it) it’s actually a fun read too.


If someone had told me I’d put this on this list a year or two back and this high up I would have laughed. But here we are. It was a good mix of everything. It wasn’t morgue heavy or crime scene heavy. It had a sort of Sherlock Holmes vibe. And I adored Nathaniel and Thomas. Plus Audrey is actually a decent female lead.


This one made it on here over th first one only because it was so much darker. It was almost scary. It was creepy. You got in the head of the serial killer and let’s just say it was alot. I still have chills thinking about how good this was.


I don’t love the series this comes from. However, this book is awesome! You honestly can read this as a standalone. It’s based in the 80s on Halloween. It has creepy scenes and great storytelling. The characters are likeable too. It’s a well rounded horror story.


I can’t have a list like this and not out this classic gothic horror up. Mary Shelley was ahead of her time. And this story is one I wish I had written myself. It’s actually a simple story. And it works so well.


When I read this it was freaking me out. Granted I read it at night like a moron. Paranormal horror has a way to mess with my head and boy did this. It was the first book I picked up by Lee and was not the last. When I think back on this book it’s like a happy memory. Even though it’s because it was the first horror story to actually scare me. And I really appreciated it.

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