My favourite horror movies

Seeing as it is October πŸŽƒπŸŽƒπŸŽƒ I wanted to share some of my favourite horror movies to help get in the spooky mood. I am a massive horror movie fan. It’s quickly become my go to genre to watch. And here are ones I really enjoyed.

Frankenstein & the bride of Frankenstein are one of the best black and white classics. They follow each other properly. And the sequel is even better the the first. It’s alot like the book to which is always a plus.

I didn’t expect to love this movie as much as I did let me just say haha. But Anthony’s acting in this is perfect. The story is basic and if you didn’t know the twist it makes for a good one. It’s the simple “horror” that really works best. Plus Anthony is so bae in this 🀭

I never thought I’d add this one. But after actually watching this movie I definitely think it’s worth checking out. The premise of birds being the killer is hilarious. But this movie works. And the actors make you keep watching. The story telling ❀️

Out off all the Halloweens I am just going to come out and say Rob zombies are the best. I think he got the story better then the originals. I think it was more enjoyable and you got to understand why Mike is the way he is. There was a much more reasonable story line. I like story to my horror.

The whole conjuring world as a whole has quickly become my favourite new generation horror movies. It’s basic story telling. It’s not over the top on the gore, It’s not corny. It’s also awesome to have a series that all links together like this. Plus when it comes to all the different types of horror movies. The paranormal movies are my favourite. It’s my favourite because it can freak me out like no slasher can.

If you wanna watch a chick getting back at her captors/rapist/home invaders. This movie is the one to watch. Never been prouder of a “final girl” like I was with Jennifer. Now it’s not an easy movie to watch by any means. But this girl gets her revenge ten fold.

I put these three together because they just fit each other so well. They are all equally weird, yet so good. They have interesting stories that you just wouldn’t have thought of telling. Honestly marathon all three together. I can only imagine the dreams you’d have.

Some noteable movies:

  • Silence of the lambs
  • Scream
  • Last house on the left (2009)
  • Blair witch
  • The Hills have eyes
  • Quarantine
  • The Lost boys
  • The evil dead

These aren’t in any order. And they are not all of my favourites.

If you have any recommendations or favourites please comment and let me know.

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