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I’m currently in quite a funk these past few weeks. especially today. My anxiety and depression has been kicking my butt. I’ve achieve absolutely nothing today and this tag is to just get something done. I found this tag after searching for different book tags that has something to do with self-care or mental health and I came across this one by morgan vega.

What’s a book or series that features a strong support system?

I’d 100% say Ari and Dante has the best support system. Their families never shun them and no matter who bad Ari is his parents support him. It’s so refreshing to see parents written in a YA that are supportive and lovely.

What’s a book, series, or genre that you turn to when you need to take care of yourself? What’s something that you do—other than reading—to take care of your mental health?

For me I love to listen to NF and sad music in general. And reread a fast adult fantasy I enjoyed before that doesn’t need much thought to process what’s going on. I like to go for a hike or sit outside with my dog. And burn a sage candle. Just that sort of stuff can help sometimes you know.

What’s a book that features a character that is relatable to your mental health or illness?

I mean Ari’s depression and the way he talks about things is very similar to myself. And the fact his depression can show through as anger. Is another big one. That’s the only character that’s coming to mind to me right now. I know there are others.

What’s a book that depicts a bad representation of a mental difference or mental illness?

I personally didn’t like perks of being a wallflower (the book I loved the movie). I can’t really remember many books about mental health that I would remember did it badly as I would have just DNF it and moved on haha.

What’s a book that depicts a good representation of a mental difference or mental illness?

All for the game by Nora Sakavic. All the characters have some different trauma or illness and it’s so believable. It’s one of the big reasons I love that series so much. And words on a bathroom wall was a refreshing take on schizophrenia. I know a few people who suffer from this and it’s just nice for a YA book to show it. But I have read quite a few books that do hit on mental illness very well.

What’s your favorite book that features mental difference or mental illness?

What’s your least book that features mental difference or mental illness?


What’s a book that takes you to your happy place? When you are dealing with mental health struggles, what is your happy place?

All adult fantasy books. Some examples.

What’s your favorite quote from a book that features mental difference or mental illness? What’s something you want other people to know about mental difference or mental illness?

“All my friends thought I was a very happy human being. Because that’s how I acted- like a really happy human being. But all that pretending made me tired. If I acted the way I felt, then I doubt my friends would have really hung out with me. So the pretending wasn’t all bad. The pretending made me less lonely. But in another was, it made me more lonely because I felt like a fraud. I’ve always felt like a fake human being.”- Last night I sang to the monster

This next one isn’t from a book about mental health or anything but it’s one of my favourite quotes. It’s something I need to listen to more.

“It wasn’t weak to ask for support. It didn’t make me a failure to need someone to lean on occasionally.”
-Imogene Kash, The Prep and the Punk (Boys Only #1)

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