🚶‍♀️10 ten bush walks 🌲🌳

So far…

Because let’s be real I haven’t gone everywhere and I’ll be going to more places ☺️ but here is a top ten ‘bush’ I’d recommend that I really enjoyed. And are some of my favourite places to go to

10. Jarrahdale train track walk

This is one of the easiest walks. But it’s a cool experience. You get to walk down a long abandoned train track. That’s now over grown with grass and bushes. You can even take you dog. Which is always a plus. It’s usually quiet. Not many people go to that. Most will hit Their heritage walk first. But Jarrahdale has heaps of cool walks. I’ve yet to hit them all. That’s on the to do list.

9. Hoffman mill

One of the most haunted places on this list. For real. There is one spot here that makes my heart race and makes me want to run. It’s beautiful out there though. And eerily quiet. The track to it makes you feel like you have missed a turn making some turn back. But it’s also a camp ground. Though you can only camp there from the November to Easter. This was an old timber town. and a relative of mine grow up there which I think is even more cool. But yeah. You feel like people are watching you all the time…

8. Lesmurdie falls

A beautiful waterfall in the middle of the suburbs. It’s also one of the busiest walks. It is a little hard going but definitely worth the views.

7. John forest

There is so much to do. So many different walks. You can make a day of it. It has this old train tunnel which is pretty cool.

6. Marrinup falls

I’m surprised how high this was. This place freaks me out. It’s another one of the most haunted places I have been. But unlike the the P.O.W camp in Marrinup. These falls are as creepy. It’s a beautiful lovely walk. Heaps of flowers to greet you on the way down a bunch of little waterfalls.

5. Ghost gums

When I was told to go here. That they where a must stop in Margaret River. I just had to see what the fuss was about. And I can honestly tell you it’s breathtaking. And surprisingly quiet. Just you and an endless about of white gums. That seem like they reach the sky.

4. Secret garden

Sadly this place no longer exists. But it was one of the coolest little parks I’ve ever seen. Each section was different. From swampy to bamboo. It was like a scene out of the secret garden movie. It made you feel like a kid again.

3. Baldwin bluff

This walk is way harder then you would have thought. That steep hill makes you question life. And it’s got gravel on it making it even harder. But the view makes it worth the climb. You get to see the whole serpentine bush. And on the other side you can see the city.

2. Ellis Brook valley

I feel in love with this immediately. You can take your dog. (on a lead). You have the falls. And then you have this little Dame. And beautiful walls. That to me reminded me of the land before Time. It’s unreal because it’s in the middle of a bunch of houses. But when you step in its like a whole new world. It’s a decent walk that just gives so much.

1. Bluff knoll

So breathtaking. Just to sit at the bottom and look over the sterling rangers. And that walk. For someone who isn’t the fittest it was definitely hard. So many steps. And rocks. But stopping at certain points just gave you different view points. It’s one of the most unreal places I have been. And standing on top you just see and endless sea of trees. It’s worth nearly dying on the way up.

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