🌧️August Wrap Up🌧️

Another month down. Another pile of books read. I have read 8 books and finished three Readathons. Here are the best books I’ve read in the month of August.

One of the more surprising books I read for both the Royal Readathon and Merlin Readathon. It was a joy to read. And I loved Kit 😍. Time I have had away from this book the more fond memories I have for it. I would happily read this again.

The basic story like for this is a ex highway man (Kit) leaves a “normal” life away from crime in his little cafè. When an overly dressed up man (Percy) comes in asking Kit to help him break into his father’s home and steal a book. Things get steamy along the way.


The sequel to the very first book of Benjamin’s that sent me down this dark, beautiful, rabbit hole. And I loved every second.

I got this arc from NetGalley. After begging my phone to please let me get this Arc. I was approved. A part of me was alittle worried I wasn’t going to like this. But please. I have loved everything Benjamin has written. This was no different. This book was this Ari and Dante just living their best life’s. Being all happy. But this also wasn’t all doom and gloom. Ari still struggles with his mental health and self worth. Dante shows a more aggressive side. He can be pretty dramatic. They grow up and find out who they are and what they want in life. Especially Ari. And like all of Benjamin’s books (mostly anyway) there is one of the saddest scenes that made me cry. I am so glad I got my hands on an early copy of this book.


I read this for the royal readathon. And my god I wish I didn’t devour it. I wish I had spent more time with Jared and Calder. Why oh why so I have no self control. This is one of those quick reads where you get a book hangover from and miss reading it. Definitely going to have to do a reread.

My boys are Lab rats. They break out in a dramatic outbreak. And make their way back to Jared cousins pack. Jared is meant to be this tool. In his past he backstabbed his pack and joined the villain. But now he is this terrified little wolf (who can’t shift into a wolf) he leans heavily on Calder while still pretending he doesn’t need him. Calder is meant to be this scary beast. But he is so caring and protective of Jared. It’s so adorable. They fit each other perfectly.


I took a chance on this Retelling. Wanting to know more about her story. And oh how I now have become a big fan. This story is full of heartbreak and anger. I’m still pissed off with what Athena and Poseidon did. That when the characters show up in anything else after reading this I’m yelling at the screen. Honestly if you ever want to read a Medusa retelling I recommend this one. It’s simple and to the point. I even fact checked as I was reading.


The only book I read this month that had nothing to do with any Readathons. I just really wanted to check another one of her books out. This had wonderstruck by Allie Therin feels to it (minus the lack of sex). Hell is even say the magic system is pretty similar. I’m not hating on it. But if you are looking for a book that is like this one read that. I devoured this book. Why do I keep doing that?? There is a sort of love triangle (mainly just Dom having the hots for his boss) but Kemp I feel like has feeling for some too. And I do ship it. I can’t help it. But Dom also has a thing with “Hollywood” as he likes to call him. There is heaps of action. Near deaths. Fights. Things getting blown up. It’s just fast paced and fun to read.


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