The Royal Readathon Wrap up

1st to 31st August

Gus Gus – A cheesy book. Hei Hei – A book with comedy in it. Two birds with one stone. (Also knocking off a prompt for another readathon. I finished this in one sitting on the 1st of August

It was a fun quick read. (I say even though I spent all day reading it).                                                      .     I have to admit to I completely forgot what the Queer Principles of Kit Webb was even about. I was pleasantly surprised to see it was about highwaymen and thief’s. It was a joy to watch Kit give into the life he left behind. And even though I wasn’t the biggest fan of Percy. I did like their relationship and I didn’t feel like it was forced. The story over all was good.


Olaf-under 300 pages Abu- book with greed.

Unlike book 4 which honestly I don’t know what thar book was even trying to do. This not only fit in the mismatch series. It actually involves the pack from the first 2. I think I liked this one the most. It had the right amount of every. Plus the raw trauma. Because I love tragic story lines apparently. Sucker for pain.


Pegasus- mythology

I was originally going with Ariadne. But I couldn’t get into it no matter how much I tried. So I gave up and swapped it.

This little retelling. Was one of my favourites of all time. I didn’t know all that much on Medusa’s backstory. But oh how it has made me hate two gods now. She had such a misunderstanding tragic back story. She should never have been punished for what happened to her. Girls should hold each other up not drag each other down.


Ray- a death

Rereading this still heart the second time around. It’s worth all its hype. Especially if your a fan of the whole Troy story.


And that’s it for the Readathons this month.

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