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Another day, another Tag. I don’t usually post this much close together. But, I’m currently away from my day to day life. House sitting and treating it like a great holiday to edit my book. Get as much as I can done. Right now I’m just a tad bored and restless. So here is a fun little post. Get to know some more of my book taste and what not.

Created by Raikidan

1) Short book VS long book

2) Best cover VS worst cover

3) Best female protagonist VS best male protagonist

Damn this is not an easy question at all. Jesus Christ. I’m going to say Neil from foxhole court. Emilia from the Kingdom of the Wicked.

4) Funniest book VS saddest book

5) Book read in your language VS book read in another language

I’ve never read a book that wasn’t in English. I’ve read books that have had people speak different languages but never a whole book.

6) Most loved book VS most hated book
I just want to say that last night I sang to the monster is up there as all time favorites because it has a very high sentimental reasons. It helped me through grief. And as for Heights. I have so much bad memories reading this book. It was one of the few books I forced myself to finish. And now everytime I get asked similar questions like this it’s the first book to come to mind.

7) Fiction VS non-fiction

Is this a book for each? Because it’s to hard haha. Is it what’s better? Depends on who’s biography your reading. Or the nonfiction story being one of interest. Then I think it can definitely stand up with some of the best fiction.

8) Most surprising VS most disappointing

I don’t read crime. Like you chuck a FBI agent as the Protagonist I won’t touch it. I took a leap of faith on Tal’s book and it’s been one of my favourite reads this year. As for the nature of the witches. I really thought I would love this book. But then I got the arc and I couldn’t care less about it.

9) Favourite during childhood VS favourite now
The BFG vs treasure Island I guess

10) Most loved character VS most hated character
Andrew Minyard all for the game <Callie bargainer series.

11) OTP VS NOTP (= the couple you consider perfect and the one that you find totally wrong or absurd).

Oh man. I have to many ships. Like seriously. But I wouldn’t say this ships was like “wrong” or “Absurd” but as a shadowhunters fan I hated Julian and Emma. So naturally I hated their whole relationship. Sorry.

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I Love TEA! books and witchy things and nature. so the plan here is to spread my love for Books and Witchcraft

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