Dewey reverse readathon

8am Saturday to 8am Sunday

Today I started Dewey at 9:45 am. The whole goal and plan today is to take this readathon easy, mix self-care and reading. I want to finish one book and hopefully start another. Making the Merlin Readathon finish early. So the first book today is a reread of a book I really enjoyed.

I had a pretty big break in reading to day to go on a hike. It was insane to see how high the water has gotten since all the serve storms we have been having over here.

I then decided it would be a great time to just go get a Piercing. I’ve been thinking about getting a Daith Piercing for about two weeks now. They are meant to be good for headaches and depression. And at this point I’m willing to give anything a go. However it’s really messed up my vertigo. So I’m feeling pretty ill right about now.

I got home and back to the book around 3 pm and managed to be finished with it around 8pm.

I still loved this book, the story is nicely paced. And the characters are all well rounded. But damn that ending is never easy. I originally rated it 5 stars and that’s staying.

I have started my last book for the Merlin Readathon and an Arc I have been dying to get my hands on. For the prompt 5star predictions. Because I love pretty much all of Benjamin’s books. His style of writing is like music.

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