Best books I read in July.

It’s hit that time again. I had a decent month of reading. Got out of my comfort zone and was pleasantly surprised. Found a new. Favourite book. Finished a beloved series and found a nice book of poetry. Next month I’m going to be participating in two Readathons. The Merlin Readathon and The Royal Readathon. Definitely looking forward to August.

I reread the first two books of this series leading up to them reading this one. I adore the Will Darling series. Watching Will and Kim navigate through their love life and their insane lives. This last book gives you a really good insight into who Kim’s Family is like. How his up bringing was. His father and brother are absolute dicks!! It was definitely more domesticated between Will And Kim in this one. You got to see them just be together and their for each other it was so cute. I want more though. Like why was it a three book series? It was a great wrap up to a great series though.


I got this book through VoraciousReadersOnly. And honestly it’s gotta be one of the weirdest books I’ve read for a while. The way it was set out was interesting. With Reddit comments and Twitter feeds in between each cooking episode. It is about a chick making a meal on camera using a piece of a rich person she killed. She goes into detail on who this person was (they are always assholes). Ands each episode with eat the rich. It starts like a movement when people realise these people are missing. It was so odd. But definitely worth the read.


I picked this up because I’m a massive horror fan and I’ve read my best friends exorcism (which I loved). This book was quite enjoyable the more you read it. See at first I was a little bored. However, by the end I was hooked. I will admit I was swerved on who the killer was for a bit. But damn! Also I really loved how he incorporated actually horror movies in this book. As a massive horror movie fan I really had fun reading this.


So this book popped up on my Goodreads feed. And although it wasn’t my normal read. As I find crime books with FBI/Cop protagonist books boring. I still found the premises interesting. So I decided to take a chance. And holy shit am I glad I did. I LOVED it. This has to be one of my favourite reads this year. The relationship between Noah and Cole seemed so real. And they fit nicely. I enjoyed the crime element. And pretty much everything about this. I had a hard time putting this down.


This is the sequel to the Noah And Cole series. And man is it darker then the first. The killer in this one freaked me out. Even worse you get his POVs (which I gotta praise the Author on doing that wouldn’t have been easy to do). Poor Cole. I felt so bad for him through out this book. The killer has this obsession with the man. And well Cole is a sweet heart. I found this alittle drawn out at times it’s the only reason it’s not for the 5 star rating. But it’s so good.


“To feel nature On my skin Is like coming home And being complete again Since we share Not only atoms But our whole galaxy” A beautiful book of poems. I enjoy dark, depressing Poems and she delivered on that. And had some really sweet happy ones too.


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