My top 10 favourite book covers on my shelf.

When I started this blog. I always had the idea in mind to go through my top ten. Whether it’s top 10 places to hike, top 10 classics to read. Etc. Each month going forward I want to dedicate a blog to a top 10. So to start this off I thought I’d go with something simple and do the top 10 favourite book covers that I own. (In physical form and not kindle. As I’m going to do one for kindle sometime too.)


I love how simple this cover is. I think it fits it perfectly and didn’t need an overbearing cover.


I really adore the colour choices for this story. And the cover reflects just how cute this story is.


It was a great decision to make this look like a VHS from the 80s. It’s a 100% why I picked it up in the first place.


This cover is so pleasing on the eye I could stare at it forever. I had the original cover, but when this showed up in a book box I feel in love with it immediately.


It looks like a beautiful painting. ❤️❤️❤️


This stunning book (and model) is just a great contrasts. The gold really stands out making as if you could grab it right out of the cover.


This book right here was a complete cover but. And the story inside is just as beautiful.


I have always thought this cover would make a beautiful tattoo. I love it so much.


This has been a long time favourite. Doesn’t Chtulhu just look so majestic right there?


Ok I’m a 100% bias because these movies are a childhood Fave. So how could I not think this was the prettiest book of them all? It’s has so many great memories wrapped up with it.

Thank you for checking out my blog and dealing with my rambles. Until next time.

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I Love TEA! books and witchy things and nature. so the plan here is to spread my love for Books and Witchcraft

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