Bear Boy Review

Bear Boy by Justin Baker & Jane Goodall

Out 22 of June 2021

Justin is a typical teenager, dodging school bullies and waging an endless war with his parents. But when he discovers Ursula and Brutus-two sibling black bears being kept in horrific conditions at a nearby zoo-his life begins to change. He finds a cause that ignites his passion and an animal sanctuary willing to take the bears. But there’s a catch: he’ll have to cover the quarter-million-dollar cost.

Undaunted, Justin takes his seemingly insurmountable quest to an international audience, gaining media attention and support from celebrities. With television cameras rolling, Justin fights to free the bears, and it turns out himself.

I loved this book so damn much!

It’s a topic I’m passionate about myself.
Every so often a new book is released that everyone should read and I feel this book is one of those.

Bear Boy such a beautiful (true) story about someone (Justin in this case) fighting for animals rights.
Because not everything in life is sunshine’s and lollipops. There is a lot of darkness and heart ache in our faces if we would just open our eyes and notice what some of our actions are doing to our more vulnerable. And what we can do to help. It also shows you how to identify when there is a problem.
For this and what this story means I’m so glad this has been written. It will open so many more eyes to the world around us. And the importance of standing up for what you believe in. And standing up for the voiceless.
A book like this is needed and a must read. I’m so glad it’s YA.

Thank you NetGalley for letting me get my hands on this book.  And thank you Justin Baker for sending me Psychical copy.

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟/5 star rating.

Another book I’d recommend of you enjoy this one is orca rescue by Donna Sandstorm which comes out on the 5th of October 2021

It is all about Orcas and the true story of how they rescued a little orphan orca named Stringer. It is illustrated and great for kids and adults alike.

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